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Our “New One” in Chalo! Travels team. Since January 2020, Yuvraj now supports us as a German-speaking guide on our cultural group and individual trips, as well as on German-language accompanied motorcycle tours.

As a state guide, Yuvraj has extensive knowledge of the history and culture of India and has a lot of fun discovering India with its guests again and again. He always faces new challenges and has now also discovered mountain sports and cycling for himself, although he still enjoys the motorized two-wheeler a bit more at the moment.

This summer he plans to take a mountaineering course.

The 25-year-old was born in a small village in Rajasthan. Here he lives with his parents on his own farm, when he does not accompany trips all over India.

Here Yuvraj introduces himself:

“I am Yuvraj Singh from Rajasthan. I have been working as a German tour guide since 2016. I have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a degree in B2.1 from the Goethe-Institute. I can speak good German, English and fluent Hindi. I have great knowledge of our history and culture. My hobbies are cricket, trekking, staying fit and watching news broadcasts. I also have good architectural skills. I do all kinds of trips through India, so I’m a good mix of everything.”