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Yoga Teacher Training in India Week Number 5

While the demands of my yoga teacher training were intense in the last four weeks, this intensity was again doubled in the 5th week.

Now that I’m sitting right by the Ganges at my laptop, I’m still completely overwhelmed by the last few days and don’t really know where to start.

An important part of this week was definitely that I taught a Kundalini yoga class and thus successfully completed all my three internships. I also led the great Hari Om Mediation on Thursday night. The meditation was very well received. Once again I was able to learn how much I like to work with sound, music and my voice. Despite the many appointments this week, I even found time for my harmonium lessons and am looking forward to a Kirthan concert tonight. The Indian mantras and kirthans are a real source of strength and a very good balance for all the head work here.

Now that the course iscoming to an end, the focus of the course content is more on yoga psychology, with many opportunities for self-reflection and practical applications.

In addition, we discover yoga as a therapy form and use all aspects of yoga to develop therapeutic programs for various diseases.

The breathing exercises-pranayama- play an important role here.

My daily highlight remains the morning yoga classes with Vishwa ji himself. His holistic lessons are an incredible inspiration and after I come out of deep meditation at the end of his class and climb down the stairs for the fire ceremony, I am always full of new insights.

This week we also had a full evening program: Satsang with Guru ji, a trip to the Hare Krishna temple with lots of dancing and a subsequent 3 star dinners(there was a buffet and we sat on chairs!!) and evening “Transformal Experiences” led by the students. Transformal experiences are  activities in which one is guided from one’s own normal thought world into new thought structures and experiences “aha” moments (e.g. expressive dance, walking meditation, conscious eating, guided meditations, etc.)

The highlight of the week was the Name Giving ceremony on Monday evening. Our guru Vishwa ji has given each of us a spiritual name during the very solemn ceremony. The name will accompany us on our yoga journey and give us strength on this path. Each of our names has a very special and personal meaning and is also our guru mantra, a mantra that we use for our personal meditation.

My spiritual name is Sudha Mukti and means “Purer Nectar of Freedom”. Vishwa ji has given me the go to support people on their way to their own freedom. Of course, this fits perfectly, be it in yoga classses, during trekking or moutain biking.

This week there was hardly any time for reflection, I didn’t even have the time to take a shower  on some days, let alone wash my clothes. Often I only fell into a restful sleep in the evening and then found myself the next morning at 5 o’clock in a meditation posture on my yoga mat again.

On the one hand I feel squeezed out like a lemon and I’m very excited about what’s going to come for me in the last week. On the other hand, I am so full – full of satisfaction, love, stability and happiness. But also full of new knowledge and knowledge that wants to be processed and applied.

Hari Om-