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Week Four: Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Oooooohhhhmmmmmm, that was a week!

On Monday we went directly with “empty stomach” at 5:20 a.m. for meditation and then to the yoga class. For breakfast there was the infamous Kichidi with an extra banana one last time. This brings the intestinal cleansing cum fasting cure from last weekend to an end. The following meals have then been gradually adapted to the original ashram meal during the week 🙂

We also started our internship week and I had the pleasure of teaching two of my three yoga classes. After being “just” a yoga student for almost three weeks, I really enjoyed finally teaching a group of yoga students myself and applying the newly gained knowledge.

In addition, it was my turn this week to assist our guru Vishva ji in class. It is impressive how he creates this space for eighty yoga students every day and shares his knowledge with them and it is nice to be able to participate in it.

Also we had the Yogini Sadhvi Bhagavati ji with us a very inspiring evening satsang (literally meaning: in the presence of truth) in the ashram…

Otherwise, the week revolved around intense yoga asanas, advanced pranayama workshops, the history of yoga and the planning of yoga internships, including teaching and participating in the hours of my class mates.


In the meantime, our course has grown into a great community. This happens when you breathe together, teach your intestines, are together around the clock, learn and practice yoga.

The days are filled with yoga, whether through the Asana and Pranayama practice, during the fire ceremony, at karma yoga, when we serve the meals, chanting at the common mantra and singing Khirtan, exchanging yoga philosophy or taking the meals with care.

Not only are we trained here to become holistic yoga teachers, but also the opportunity to lead a yogi life in an Ahsram community for 6 weeks is a unique experience.

This week I feel incredible gratitude for spending this time with so many inspiring yogis.

“I laughed when I heard that the fish in the water was thirsty. I laughed when I heard that a man was going on a pilgrimage to find God.”

Kabir (1440 – 1518), Indian saint and Bhakti Yogi

My heart grows daily and even though the days here are incredibly long, intense and exhausting, I am full of joy.

Even the Sunday Karma Yoga work is kind of fun. Today I had the pleasure of cleaning the dining room. Not only that the community activity was nice and we as a group of course also progressed quickly, but also the aspects of karma yoga, such as the selfless activity without attachment and with serenity.

The weekend remains to recharge your batteries on the banks of the Ganges, prepare the next yoga lessons and internalize the new knowledge.

Hari Om