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Third Week of The Yoga Teacher Course in Rishikesh

About Kundalini Yoga, Kichidi, the Bhagavad Gita and Intestinal Restoration

Teaching Techniques

The days are passing very quickly. I can’t believe that the third week of the course is already done! Half of the training is over. The ashram has actually become my temporary home. I feel really comfortable and while I’ve been exhausted many times in the last few weeks and had quite a lot of mood swings during the day, I now feel much more energized and balanced.

Much has happened in this third week, focusing on chakra teaching and Kundalini yoga. The seven chakras along the spine are energy center in our body, each of which represents very specific mental and physical characteristics and maintaining the energy flow through the nadis- the energy channels in the body. In Kundalini Yoga, these chakras are activated and balanced so that the energy can freely rise up the Shushumna (the main energy channel along the spine) up to our top crown and connect with the universal energy.

Lessons on the roof of the ashram

Each day of this week was assigned to a specific chakra. We studied about it, activated and balanced it through Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and the Fire Puja (Fire Ceremony).

We also dealt with the Bhagavad Gita (song of the Divine). We learned how the warrior Arjuna, marked by great doubts, was introduced to the mysteries of yoga by the god Krishna on a battlefield. Krishna explained how a good and meaningful way of life is possible. We have explored the philosophical content of the Bhagavad Gita and tried to relate it to our life today – with many interesting insights.

In addition, of course, there were regular methodological, anatomy and technical classes.

In addition, I continue to take harmonium lessons and the music is not only a great balance to all the theory, but also gives me a lot of pleasure.

On Friday we had our first and only written test, which I passed quite well. In addition to the test, we had another challenge on this day: In order to prepare for the great intestinal cleansing Shank Prakshalan on Saturday, the menu for Friday announced only fruits and vegetables – in a very limited quantity!

A normal menu

Anyone who knows me, knows that I had to suffer a bit through this fasting day.

Our teachers took care of us in a very professionally manner during this cleansing treatment. So this morning (Saturday) it was time to drink warm salt-lemon water (in a certain ratio, please don’t try alone). Between the glasses, the digestive tract is stretched and twisted with certain yoga exercises to support the cleanse. Then it was time to look for the toilet – as often and as long until only clear water came out. I certainly took 12- 14 liters of water to me!

In order to rebuild our intestinal flora well, we will only served kichidi (a porridge of rice and lentils) with a lot of probiotic ghee (clarified butter) in the next three days.

The first meal consisted of a trowel kichidi and a trowel ghee. From meal to meal it  became more and more kichidi and less ghee.

Kichiri on Day 2

Since this cleansing is very intense, it weakens the body to some extent and the weekend is supposed to serve for a full recovery.

Well, besides taking rest, we also have to prepare for two classes, which we have to teach next week…