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Guided Meditation on the Universal Sound of the Om


At the moment I am back in a yoga/meditation phase and have just returned from a week-long yoga retreat in Leh to Manali. The publication of my “Om-Meditation” on the blog fits really well!

In the article I explain step by step how you get into meditation on the sound of the om with a ten minute audio file.

For beginners of meditation, it is always helpful to have a medium on which you can first fully concentrate to calm your mind and bring your senses inside, to then move into a beautiful meditation. In this case, the medium is the universal sound Om. You can read more about the Om and its meaning here.

I myself learned this meditation technique during my therapy yoga teacher training in Indore at the Paramanand Yoga Institute and now  use it for my own  meditation or in my classes.

Have fun meditating!

Hari Om