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Children’s Yoga Camp in Rajasthan

I had the incredible opportunity to run a five-day yoga camp for Rajasthani children from the countryside at Shri Jasnath Ashram in Rajsthan! The holiday camp for the 20 girls and boys was free of charge for the 8 to 13 year old children!

20 Kinder aus der ländlichen Rajasthan Region

20 children from the rural Rajasthan region

Although it is quite hot in Rajasthan in June with temperatures around 45° Celsius, the schoolchildren have two months of vacation during this time.

Der Ashram- eine Oase der Menschlickeit

The Ashram – an oasis of humanity

Twice a day I taught the children in yoga. I was surprised how well the kids did. In the first class they hardly new anything, but at the end of the five days, after only 10 yoga classes, they knew Surya Namskar, two prayers, four pranayama and 20 asanas! Incredibly!

der morgendliche Yoga Unterricht

the morning yoga class

It was very easy to teach these Indian children in yoga: they are used to prayers and Mantra, know the Om, are very mobile and even meditation works with the little ones!



While I taught the morning class a little more serious, the yoga class in the evening was more child-friendly with a lot of play, dance and mandala painting!

Mandala malen mit mediativer Musik- sofort wurden die aufgekratzen Kinder ruhig

Mandala drawing with meditative music – immediately the scratched children became quiet

Between the two yoga classes, the day for the children was filled with physical education, singing, dancing, English lessons, self-defense and an art lesson!

Sport und Spielstunde

Sport and playing lesson

For the lessons I had active support from various Indian teachers, nevertheless the days were long and filled with hours to prepare and give! It could have been very exhausting, if the children hadn’t been so great! They have given me so much positive energy and joy that the days were a pure pleasure!

Karate Unterricht

Karate Lessons

I myself learned a lot during this time: even more Hindi, a Bollywood dance and an Indian welcome song. In addition, I made new friends and lost my heart to the children.

Kunstunterricht- Die Kinder malen ein Obst Stillleben

Art Lessons- Children Paint a Fruit Still Life

In English class we sent letters to German students. The children had never written a letter before and are now very excited about the answer!

Englisch Unterricht

English Lessons

Together with the children I enjoyed three healthy and tasty vegetarian meals! The Rajsatan cuisine is simply fantastic!

leckere rajasthanische Spezialitäten

delicious Rajasthan specialities

The days ended with a common puja (prayer) in the temple).

Abend Puja (Gebet) im Tempel

Evening Puja (prayer) in the temple

The Shri Jasnat Ashram has great programs all year round, both free once for the locals, as well as paid Ayurveda and Yoga Retreats. Also I do offer retreats and teacher trainings here. Check here.

gemeinsame Projektarbeit- hier profitieren die Kinder, die ansonsten nicht viel haben!

joint project work – here the children with a poor family background have fun for 5 days.

Everyone is welcome here, both as a guest and as a volunteer to help the Ashram family with the work in the ashram.


Dancing lessons

Yoga teachers, Ayurveda therapists, doctors, cooks, gardeners, craftsmen, artists etc. are always welcome!!!!! So don’t hesitate and come to India to have as great experiences!