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Yoga for Nepal

Yoga Spenden Aktion

Everyone has followed the tragic events caused by the earthquakes in Nepal over the last 4 weeks.

That day I was in Delhi. When I turned on the TV in the hotel in the morning, I suddenly saw the news about an earthquake in Delhi.

I couldn’t feel it. But later came to know about the horrible situation in Nepal.

I have many Nepalese friends in Manali, whowork here during the season. Luckily their families back in nepal are unharmed because the quake happened during the day. But most have lost their home and belongings.

The tragedy is not over yet, there are aftershocks and in Nepal itself epidemics and diseases are  breaking out, due to the inadequate hygienic conditions after the earthquake, which shattered everything.

In order to support the people  proffesional, yoga teachers and schools have joined forces to participate in the fundraiser “Yoga for Nepal”.

Yoga instructors will offer workshops or yoga classes from May 30 to June 6 and donate the proceeds to UNICEF.

I myself will offer a Hatha Flow Yoga Class for Nepal on June 5 at 5:00 pm in Old Manali, India. Everyone is invited join the free class and to make a small donation!

More information about the fundraiser: Yoga for Nepal