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Goodbye Manali, Hello Indore!

Arrival at the Paramand Institute of Yoga Research and Science

Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to Manali, the place that has finally become my home this year. It was tough and it’s still tough. Only the knowledge that I will come again makes the loss of this place and the people I leave behind  bearable.

Especially the last month of October was nice, because we had off-season and  a lot of time for ourselves. In the last days we were climbing, had a hike to Lake Dashaur, did a lot of mountain biking, watched the great Bollywood movie “Happy new Year” with Shahrukh Khan and ate well!

Here are some insights for you and looking back for me:

But these lazy days are over and as beautiful as they were, it is good that something new, demanding is coming up now. I’m really nervous, I’ve left my comfort zone. The overnight journey from Manali to Delhi was ok. I arrived early and took the flight to Indore without any problems. Overall a journey with a lot of sleep. Arriving in Indore at about 12 o’clock, I was picked up by a driver of the ashram. Indore itself is a average medium-sized Indian city. The ashram surprised me positively: quiet location in the green, friendly designed, clean and very nice staff. So far I still have my own room, I hope that remains. I have also met a few fellow students. Everyone seems nice, some do the 300 hour course with me. I also had my first lunch with them. In a small kitchen, a woman cooks fresh every day. For the first time I was allowed to taste jackfruit as vegetables and the paranthas (fried bread) were delicious. Unfortunately I was still so nervous that I couldn’t eat so much and now I’m really hungry!   I hope I will have a good educational time here. I have already seen the famous guru ji :).

By the way, I got a great welcome bag. Five books were included, including the Yoga Sutra by Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita and a book about Ayurveda.