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Partner Yoga Class to do Yourself (with a Partner)

I remember very well, that I myself have never really liked partner yoga.

Whenever the yoga teacher announced in his class, that we would now continue in partner work, I would have preferred to sneak out of the studio quickly.

Suddenly, my head was teeming with concerns:

“Hopefully I can find a partner”

“I’m definitely doing something wrong”

” Oh no, I am so sweaty”

“I wanted to do yoga  myself, Partner Yoga doesn’t help anyway”

“What if I have to pup?”

“Hopefully no one feels my insecurities.”

Immediately, my mind became a stormy ocean, nothing like a mirror-smooth water surface: my thoughts just swirled in front of me.

But this is where the yoga class is to be taken for what it is. Namely, a constant observation and work with oneself.

So I always took a deep breath, let my concerns be concerns and turned to my partner with an open smile.

In addition, partner yoga can also be a lot of fun and is a wonderful way to intensify, correct and perceive the yoga asana better.

Children love the playful approach and adults also have fun with it.

In the meantime, I not only like to incorporate Partner Yoga from time to time in my own yoga classes,  but have developed entire partner yoga classes, in which various partner exercises are combined into a holistic yoga class.

The following poster forms a beautiful sequence of asanas for about 60-90 minutes of partner yoga. It is important, that the respective asana for the partners are repeated to each other. The individual partner yoga exercises should be about 5-10 breat. and can also be repeated.

The class begins sitting, back to back with common chanting of the om and coordinated breathing deep into the back shoulders and ribs, so that the partners can feel the vibrations and breath and get into a rhythm.

The class ends with a relaxation either in Balasana (hands or feet touch each other) or in Shavasana (feet of the partners touch each other).

To download as PDF