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Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat

Two-week yoga and Ayurveda retreat in the heart of Rajasthan



(for prices, services and notes please follow this link)

Yoga Stunde


Price on request

Yoga, Ayurveda, vegetarian healthy meals, spirituality, peace and Indian cuisine – is there more to wish for a relaxing yoga stay in India?

For a long time I was all over India looking for the perfect place for a yoga and Ayurveda retreat. Finally I found him in the desert of Rajasthan! Here, in the middle of nowhere, there is a small beautiful and well-kept Indian ashram that combines all the qualities for a relaxed yoga retreat.

Der Shri Jasnath Ashram

The Shri Jasnath Ashram

I myself spent three weeks here unplanned, because I could not escape the magic, love and energy of this place.

Garten Bereich

Garden area


Now I look forward to inviting you into this familial and still largely unknown ashram for a yoga and Ayurveda stay!


Saturday Flight to Mumbai
Sunday Arrival in Mumbai and connecting flight to Jodhpur, transfer to ashram, move in rooms, visit the ashram, yoga class in the evening
  1. Week Monday- Saturday
See daily program
Saturday afternoon Excursion to the Osian Temple, then camel safari and overnight in the desert camp
Sunday Drive to Jodhpur, visit the Mehrangahr Fort and the Old Town for shopping
  1. Week Monday- Saturday
See daily program
Saturday afternoon Drive to Jodhpur and fly to Mumbai, overnight in Mumbai
Sunday Connection flight to Germany

The stay in both ashram and India can of course be extended individually. In the ashram it is possible to work as a Sewa six hours a day to live for free in the ashram.

Karma Yoga: Englisch Unterricht fuer die Ashram Mitglieder

Karma Yoga: English Lessons for Ashram Members

Of course, I can also develop another follow-up travel program. So it’s worth a sightseeing tour of Rajasthan, a subsequent trek in the Himalayas or a few relaxing days on Goas or Keralas beaches.

Daily program:

6:00 a.m. Up
6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. Yoga Flow or Shivananda Lessons with Shree or Surajnath in English in the Yoga Hall
8:00 a.m. Breakfast
9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Ayurvedic Treatments, Rest Time and Karma Yoga
12:30 p.m. Lunch
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Rest
15 a.m. Tea
3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Yoga Asanas/Pranayama/ Mediation in the garden or in the Yoga Hall with Sarah
5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Yoga Lessons
6:30 p.m. Dinner
7:30 p.m. Puja, Arti and Khirtan
8-9 p.m. Satsang with Guru ji

Yoga classes with Shri or Surajnath

Guests have the opportunity to participate in the morning community yoga class with the Ashram family. Otherwise, there is the possibility of self-practice.

Morgen Yoga Stunde in der Yoga Halle

Morning Yoga Hour in the Yoga Hall

Yoga lessons with Sarah

Twice a day for 1 1/2 to 2 hours there is yoga lessons that include a combination of different yoga directions (Traditional Hatha Yoga, Asthanga Yoga, Yoga Flow, Shivananda Yoga). The hours are harmoniously structured and contain not only the Asana practice but also pranayama, mudras and mediation. The lessons are suitable for all levels and a combination of physical bodywork and mental relaxation.

Yoga im Garten

Yoga in the garden

Karma Yoga

If you feel like it, you can join the Ashram family and share work with them. Karma Yoga is a wonderful way of yoga, in which the activity becomes independent after some time and the mind becomes quite calm and free!

At the Karma Yoga work here in the ashram, there is the added plus that you can get closer to people and immerse yourself more deeply in their culture!

In der Kueche helfen

Helping in the kitchen

Possible karma yoga activities include cooking, sweeping, gardening, repairing or cleaning. But also the contribution of personal talents, such as photography or teaching languages or arts is welcome here!


For the first two days we have Doctor Sharma from Jodhpur with us who is doing an Ayurveda consultation with each one. During the consultation, a treatment programme will be put together for the next few weeks. This can be a complete Pancha Karma package or a combination of daily massages and treatments performed by qualified Ayurveda therapists.


Our daily workshops will probably be one of the highlights of our stay in India and is the program point on which I am particularly looking forward.

Trommelunterricht im Ashram

Drum lessons in the ashram

Special speakers and teachers will come to daily changing topics either to introduce us to certain arts and skills or to educate us theoretically and practically.

There will be Indian cooking lessons, drum, mantra and khirtan lessons, lessons in yoga philosophy and Ayurveda, introductions to mudras and shatkarmas (cleansing rituals) and, and, and…

Puja, Arti and Khirtans

Bhakti Yoga, Yoga of the Heart and Devotion, is also a wonderful way to practice yoga and is especially important to followers of the Shri Jasnath community. Full of passion and with great fervour, after dark, we sit down together in the temple complex to sing and sing together sacred texts and prayers with drum accompaniment!

Puja with Guru ji

Puja with Guru ji

Satsang with Guru ji

Sathsang means “Common Truth” . After the puja we sit together in the garden and have conversations about things that move us or questions we ask ourselves. A casual round of conversations about God and the world!


There will be two main meals daily, along with a fruit meal in the morning and twice tea.

Leckere vegetarische Speisen aus Rajasthan

Delicious vegetarian food from Rajasthan

The main meals consist of daily changing Rajasthan dishes. The meals are freshly prepared, satirical (healthy diet for body, mind and soul) and of course vegetarian. Often the vegetables consist of the organic garden.

Die Kueche Rajasthans

The Coast of Rajasthan

A typical meal consists of kichidi (rice lentil porridge), ghee, Volkorn chapathi (bread), dhal, salad, yogurt and vegetables.


During our retreat, a trip to the famous temple in Osian is planned over the weekend.

Osian Tempel

Osian Temple

Afterwards we will go for an hour on the camel to a luxurious desert camp where we will stay overnight. The next day we use to visit Jodhpur with its colorful markets for shopping. Of course, a visit to the Unesco Castle in Jodhpur, the Mehrangar Fort, is not to be missed.

Das beendruckende Mehengarh Fort in Jodhpur

The printing Mehengarh Fort in Jodhpur

Meeting with Guru ji

If you would like a face-to-face conversation with the possible blessing of Guru ji, you can arrange a meeting with Guru ji.

Surprise evening

Der spektakulaere Feuertanz

The spectacular fire dance

The Jasnath tradition is known for its great chants and passionate and impressive fire dances!

Stimmungsvoller Gesang

Atmospheric singing

One evening the singers and dancers will give us a very special pleasure and give us a small performance of their arts!

Travel organizer, accompaniment and yoga teacher

Sarah Appelt has been living in India for over five years now.

Sarah- Yogalehrerin und Reiseveranstalterin

Sarah Yoga teacher and tour operator

Originally, she came to Delhi as a volunteer for only one year at the age of nineteen. But she fell in love with the diverse country with its fascinating people, deep culture and enchanting landscapes. So she decided to have her center of gravity in India, more precisely in the Indian Manali, from where she organizes adventure trips and yoga trips through India.

She is a trained 500 hours yoga teacher, mountaineer and has completed her studies in tourism management in India.

She accompanies her groups herself and as a German-speaking tour guide can give her guests very special insights into her very personal India!

The Shri Jasnath Ashram

Little Shri Jasnath Asan (Ashram) is located in the heart of Rajasthan in the small village of Panchla Siddha (Deep Meditation Square) 100 km from Jodhpur. It is one of the oldest Asans in the Malwar region. The great Saint Shri Boyat ji Maharaj, the direct disciple of Shridev Jasnath ji’s, founded the ashram more than 500 years ago.

Blick vom Garten auf die Tempel Anlage

View from the garden to the temple complex

The Shri Jasnath sect is a splinter that can be traced directly back to the yoga god Shiva. Shri Jasnath himself, a great saint who in his only 24 years has done much positive work for the area in western Rajasthan, was a direct disciple of Saint Gorkhnak, who once said the following and is the motto of the Ashram inhabitants and Jasnath followers:

हसिबाखेलिबाधरिबाधयानं |


तेनिहचलसदानाथकेसंग — ||





-Guru Gorakhnath

“Laughter, playing and meditating.

In such people the truth is manifested.

Laugh and play without mental modifications, such people always live in bliss.”

The ashram is well known among The Indian followers of the Shri Jasnath community. During large festivities on certain holidays and events, thousands of followers make pilgrimages to the Holy Place to honor the place of their Holy Leaders.

Viele Pilger bei Festivals

Many pilgrims at festivals

But it is often very peaceful here in the ashram and especially for Western yogis and yoginis who want some authenticity, spirituality and peace, an insider tip.

Many saints have carried out their Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) here, which makes this place highly spiritually charged. The saints spread knowledge and wisdom in the villages and were able to help many people through their yogic power.

Die Burgmauern des Ashram

The castle walls of ashram

As the popularity of shri Jasnath Ashram grew, the king of Udaipur Shri Jagat Singh sponsored the construction of the castle for the Ashram building and donated land to the ashram for growing vegetables and grazing the animals. Today, the ashram has beautiful gardens and plantations where organic fruit and vegetables are grown.

Shri Jasnath Asan is very unique in its architecture. It has been lovingly restored and refurnished by the current guru Surajnath Siddh to maintain the ancient charm and traditions of its ancestors. And in fact, as soon as you walk through the first wooden gate of the ashram, you experience a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.

Culture of Rajasthan

Visitors to the ashram not only have the opportunity to recharge their batteries, practice yoga, get Ayurvedic treats and eat delicious vegetarian dishes, but can also immerse themselves deeply in the traditional culture of the Rajasthan inhabitants.

Besuch einer Familie

Visiting a family

The Ashram is the perfect place to experience nature and live stress-free. By the way, you can get to know the simple village life and get in touch with the inhabitants. Here in the ashram, an attempt is made to improve the quality of life of each individual and to establish education, health, non-violence and humanity.

Gemeinsames Arbeiten

Working together

And it is especially the great humanity in this ashram that makes the stay here something very special. Here you will find a lot of love, openness and great community. Close friendships with the small Ashram family are quickly established.

Few people live here permanently in the ashram.


Pappu der Koch

Pappu the Cook

There’s the chef Pappu, who delights you with delicious rajasthan vegetarian dishes.


Gungar Baba der Priest

Gungar Baba the Priest

The Priest Dungarnath lives here in the ashram and takes over the rituals and ceremonies in the temple.

Ramu ji

Ramu ji

Ramu ji

Then there is Ramu ji, a former military member and now an integral part of the Ashram community. He takes care of the ashram’s own organic garden.


Jogesh is also part of the family. The twenty-six-year-old has lived in the ashram for 11 years and grew up here.

Jogesh Taenzer und Saenger

Jogesh Taenzer and Saenger

He is a main member of the singers and fire dancers of the Shri Jasnath sect. He often moves with other dancers and singers through Rajasthan to honor Shri Janath with music and impressive fire dances at spiritual events with families or in temples.

Surajnath Guru ji



Surajnath is the current spiritual leader of the Hindu community. He is the twelfth guru in a chain of gurus to be traced back to Shri Jasnath (more than 500 years) and further back. As a young six-year-old, he was chosen by the previous guru and has been officially in charge of the ashram and the community since 2001. He holds a master’s degree in yoga philosophy and is a trained 500-hour yoga teacher. He often moves around the country with his dancers and singers to be there for his followers, to bless and to form in the form of workshops and lectures.


Shri, Programm Direktorin

Shri, Program Director

Shree has been part of the Ashram family for two years and is the program director for all educational events at the Ashram. In the ashram itself, she is a great contact person and makes the ashram a home.


Unsere Sewa Arbeiter beim Essen

Our Sewa workers eating

Often members of the Shri Jasnath sect come to live in the ashram for a few days, weeks or even months and to do Sewa work. This means that they can live and be fed free of charge in the ashram, participate in yoga classes and pujas, but work as a full worker in the ashram.

The spiritual factor in this little ashram is of course something very special. In the ashram itself there is a powerful meditation temple and the tombs of The Saints Jasnath Gurus, which are incorporated into the temple complex. Pujas (community prayers) are held here twice a day. In the evening you meet for the Arti (fire ceremony) and sing prayers and khirtans accompanied by drums and bells.

Puja im Tempel

Puja in the temple

The day ends with a satsang with the guru Surajnath ji. Here you sit together and learn more about the ashram, Indian culture and yoga.

For more information about the Shri Jasnath Ashram, simply visit the website (