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15 days Certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses


Number of participants: 4-6 participants

Requirements: 7 von 10

This intensive yoga training requires a lot of discipline and commitment. In order to obtain the certificate, no hours of absence may be recorded and a theoretical and practical examination must be passed.

16 days 80 hours certified yoga teacher training

Ayurveda and Yoga are two interconnected traditional Indian health systems for body, mind and soul. These two sister sciences support each other to provide a healing health system to the yoga practitioner or Ayurveda patient.

Both Yoga and Ayurveda have their origins in the Sat Dharmas, the six Orthodox philosophies in India, are more than 5000 years old systems and are based on the Samkhya philosophy. Both focus on your holistic health, called Swastha, including your physical, mental and spiritual health, with yoga focusing more on the well-being of the mind and Ayurveda on your physical body.

Together, they create the perfect mix of practices and treatments to bring more value to your life.

In this 80-hour training to become a certified Ayurveda yoga teacher, you will learn how to integrate Ayurveda into your yoga teachings and the everyday life of your students and are able to design yoga lessons according to the Guidelines of Ayurveda with a focus on, for example, the Prakriti, the season and the day.

In addition, you will be trained to give private yoga Ayurvedic sessions for your clients as well as to conduct Ayurveda Yoga Health Coaching to improve or maintain the health of your clients.

Course content:

  • Ayurveda History and Philosophy
  • Ashtanga Ayurveda
  • Anatomy in Ayurveda (Sharir Rachana)
  • Basic Principles of Ayurveda
  • Concept of Tridosha
  • Prakruti / Constitution
  • Body tissue according to Ayurveda
  • Mala or waste products
  • Ojas, Tejas, Prana
  • Digestion and metabolism
  • Srotas
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle according to the Doshas, Prakriti and Vikriti, seasons, age and time of day
  • The interrelationship between yoga and Ayurveda
  • AyurYoga
  • Ayurveda diet with Ayurveda cooking classes
  • Ayurveda Dincharya (daily routine)
  • small Ayurveda herbalism
  • Ayurvedic massage (Abhyangha) and other treatments

The course will be a mixture of theoretical and practical sessions.

This course is for:

  • trained yoga teachers who want to include the concept of Ayurveda in their classes
  • Health professionals who want to refresh and deepen their knowledge in their fields of expertise or to expand their knowledge into the field of Ayurveda
  • all those who are interested in Yoga and Ayurveda and to bring Ayurveda into their lives.
  • For registered Yoga Teachers of the Yoga Alliance who want to receive certified training hours



Greens Ayurveda Center is a small, well-known spa clinic in the southern state of India: Kerala. Here you will not only learn Ayurveda from Ayurveda experts, but also live the Yoga and Ayurvedic lifestyle under palm trees and near the Arabian Sea. Basically an education with a holiday feeling :). Kerala is known as the centre of Ayurveda, and Greens Ayurveda is one of the best therapy and training centres in India.

The Chief Physician Dr. C. P. Asghar and his team of physicians and therapists provide comprehensive care and knowledge. The clinic is located in a small village surrounded by palm trees and within walking distance of the beach.

Students will be accommodated in clean and well-equipped air-conditioned rooms.

The complex has a recreation area, a dining room, a multi-room hospital, airy classrooms, a rooftop terrace, a herb garden, a library and a guest kitchen.

Day 1 Arrival

Upon arrival at the airport, you will be greeted by the instructor Sarah and taken by transfer to the Ayurvedic Clinic. After a short break we have lunch, show you the area and introduce you to the whole team. In the afternoon we have our first theory lecture, followed by meditation and dinner.

Day 2-14 Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training

During these two weeks, an intensive program of yoga classes and theoretical and practical Ayurveda workshops await you.

Sunday is free and we will take you on a small sightseeing tour.

Day 15 Departure

After the graduation ceremony, it’s time to say goodbye and you’ll be taken by transfer to the airport to continue your journey home.

Daily program

7:00 – 8:30 am Yoga and Meditation

8:30 – 9:30 am Breakfast

9:30 am – 1:00 pm Ayurveda Session 1 and 2 (15-minute break) practical and theoretical

1:00 – 3:00 pm Lunch break

3:00  -4:30 pm Ayurveda Session 2 (practical or theoretical)

4:30 – 5:00 pm Break

5:00 – 7:00 pm Ayurveda/Yoga Session 3 (practical)

8:00 – 9:00 pm Dinner

Included services:

14 nights in a double room with attached bathroom
2 Weeks 80-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certified with Yoga Alliance with Course Material
Certificate (training hours with the Yoga Alliance)

ayurvedic counseling with dosha determination, imbalance analysis and treatment recommendations
Full board (traditional/vegetarian/Ayurvedic)
filtered water
Laundry service and free Wi-Fi
daily yoga and meditation classes
Access to the Ayurveda Library
Cultural performances
1 day trip on Sunday
1 Abhyanga Massage

Not-included services:

International flight to and from Kozikode Airport (we will be happy to help you book your flight)

additional treatments

fixed group date:


1499 Euro per person (4 to 16 participants) Single supplement: 250 €

Even outside the 2 weeks (anytime) intensive courses are possible. Please inquire for more information:

Ayurvedic Cooking and Nutrition
Ayurveda Pharmacy
Ayurveda Massage
Ayurveda Marma Chakra and Massage
Ayurveda Beauty Program

ACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider), Instructor and Yoga teacher Sarah

Together with the trained staff at Greens Ayurveda, Sarah will teach practical and theoretical lessons as well as daily morning meditation and yoga classes.

About the region

Kerala is home to many Christians, so you can visit not only Hindu temples and mosques, but also many churches. In many places you almost feel like in southern Europe, because many Portuguese settled here during the colonial period and traded.


From November to March it is pleasantly warm and you only need light clothing. On most beaches of Kerala you can bathe in normal swimwear. On the remote beaches, it is advisable to put on a T-shirt. Women in particular often attract unwelcome glances from local and Indian tourists, as it is not common in India for women to show too much skin. From March the temperatures will rise and it will be humid, so you can dehydrate a lot. From June to the end of September is rainy season, and many seasonal accommodations and restaurants have closed. During this time it rains quite heavily, but is an ideal time for an Ayurveda retreat.

What you should bring:

light knee- and shoulder-covering clothing (thighs and tunic, shirt and wide trousers, knee-covering dresses (also shorts and tops possible)
Clothing for Yoga
old clothes (underwear, shirts, trousers) for treatments with oil and pastes
Scarf or scarf
Sandals or flip-flops
Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Head
own toiletries, but not too much, as many Ayurvedic products are available here
small bag / backpack for excursions
Passport (copy), credit or bank card, cash in your currency (approx. € 50)
Camera, phone, charger (no adapter required)
Notebook and writing material
Swimwear, towel