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The complete technical equipment for a mountain ascent in the Indian Himalayas

In addition to great multi-day trekking tours, you can also climb mountains in India. In the Indian Himalayan region there are countless mountain peaks of every level, many of them are even unclimbed and nameless. The 5000 to 7000 metre high peaks range from easy trekking peaks to challenging technical climbing tours on rock and ice and can be climbed in the form of a traditional Himalayan expedition, but also in alpine style.

A healthy physical and mental condition, as well as physical and mental fitness are an absolute prerequisite for mountain ascents!

It is important that in addition to a good team and perfect weather conditions, you also have the right climbing equipment with you. On our Chalo! Travels expeditions we provide our participants with the complete technical climbing equipment:



Full-bottomed shoes with stiff soles

Ice pickle

40-60 meters of rope

Ribbon sling


Seat belt


Ice screws

Snow anchor


In addition, we provide the following expedition equipment:




Gas cooker/gas


Dining utensils

In addition to your normal trekking and expedition clothing (see full list here),participants must include the following personal items:

  • 2 pairs of gloves
  • Headlamp
  • Sunglasses