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180 days stay in India with a tourist visa

Visa Run to Nepal

Even if you have one-year-old, five-year-old or even ten-year-old (the lucky Americans!) Visa for India does not mean that you can be in India indefinitely!

After 180 days ( sometimes 90 days) of continiuos stay you usually have to leave the country.

If you don’t want to home, you can simply travel to the Asian neighbors such as Sri Lanka, Thailand or Nepal for a few days.

For those who are in northern India, nepal is a good choice. This can be done both via the four open borders by train, bus and walking across the border or via a flight to Kathmandu.

Travelling across the land border often involves hours of travel on a public bus, cheap accommodation at the borders and some planning

More convenient, but more expensive is the entry by plane!

Flights are available for about 130 Euros (return flight) and the flight time from Delhi is just under 2 hours.

Anflug Nepal

Approach Nepal

Arriving at the small Nepalese airport, you have to scan your passport for the Indian visa at a vending machine and fill in some data, which takes no longer than 5 minutes. Visas are available from 15 days for 25 dollars up to half a year (100 dollars). Important: Indian rupees are not accepted, only dollars or euros! You don’t need a passport photo anymore. You can also apply for a visa online.

At the passport control you get the visa glued in quite easily! done!

Especially for those who really only leave for the visa, Kathmandu is a great destination: many sights, nice people and great food! Perfect for a few days holiday from India!