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Friendship peak in 3 days

Once you have started climbing summits, you can’t stop! In any case, mountain sports have grabbed me and now I am drawn from one summit to the next.

Die Berge- sie lassen einem nicht mehr los

The mountains – they don’t let me go anymore

After the successful Deo Tibba expedition we took advantage of our acclimatized condition and climbed the Friendship Peak (5289 m) in alpine style in three days!

A great experience! The Friendship Summit is a technically simple but beautiful peak. Normally the expedition lasts a total of 7-10 days, but me and my two companions were fit enough that we were able to master the ascent and descent in three days. This of course made the tour a little more intense on the physical level. We had neither porters nor horses, so we all carried around 20 kg: tent, food, equipment! Despite the burden, we enjoyed having the mountains for ourselves!

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