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Deo Tibba Expedition June 2015

A ten-day expedition to the 6001 m Deo Tibba got 8 successful climbers up to the summit!

Eine Bergexpedition hoch hinauf auf 6001 m im indischen Himalaya

A mountain expedition up to 6001 m in the Indian Himalayas

There were ten hard but good days in which we learned not only a lot about mountaineering techniques and the Himalayas, but also a lot about ourselves! 

Climbing the mountain is not only physically, but also mentally exhausting: for several days one lives in an inhospitable area and is surrounded only by snow at high altitude. Over 4000 meters there is no life, only the breathtaking beauty of the mighty Himalayan mountains.

Up here, it’s important to keep warm, eat well, sleep and climb, climb and climb till you reach the summit.

When climbing a mountain, cohesion, willpower, perseverance and caution count! Only a safe mountaineer is a successful mountaineer! Safety is only possible if you climb the mountain with care and caution. Patiently you wait for days in the camp for the right weather, check the safety ropes and equipment several times and make sure that you get used to the height slowly and well.

Mountaineering does not mean climbing the mountain as quickly as possible, but making important decisions with calm and clear spirit and then powerfully daring to climb step by step!

The Deo Tibba Expedition bei Chalo!Travels 

Here are some photos for the first impressions: