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Nine points to ask the Trekking organizer before booking a trekking tour

gemütlich im Küchenzelt

Here is a checklist that everyone should make sure of before booking a trek:

  1. The porters: Are there separate porters or do the employees have to do double work and additionally work as a guide or cook?
  2. How much weight do the porters carry? More than 20 kg per person is no longer humane.
  3. Is there enough fuel? Fuelis necessary for cooking, cooking with firewood should not be speculated on, especially in rain.
  4. Is there enough and high-quality food? Please ask if there is also lunch included and if so in what form!
  5. How to sleep? Are tents taken with you, or do you have to stay in caves and dirty huts?
  6. What kind of equipment is taken along?
  7. What is included in the price. If the price is too low, it may be that unexpected costs, such as transport to and from the trek, are added.
  8. How is the transportation organized? Is there private jeep or do the trekkers take the local bus. This can be ok, especially for low-budget travellers, but you should no before
  9. Is the trek even possible at this time of the year? Many treks are not feasible very early or late in the year or even during the monsoon season! Organizers might sell them anyway.
  10. a happy trekker

If these questions are answered well and credibly by the trekking organizer and you feel comfortable- enjoy your trek!