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Day hike to the Patalsu summit

Admittedly: Day hike sounds a bit too “nice”, a little too “easy”, as if you had a nice walk in the mountains. But that was not the case! Not at all!

The Patalsu peak is 4220 meters high and can be reached from the Solang valley (2560 m).

The trek up to the summit is described as “the hardest day hike in the Kullu Valley” or as an “extreme day tour” and as such I also experienced it!

Many also do this tour in two or three days. A good alternative, you want to take some time and get used to the height in peace.

After all, about 1700 meters of altitude have to be climbed, so it goes only steeply uphill and back then steeply down. Admittedly, the 360° view of all the surrounding mountains, some of which are over 6000 meters high, is overwhelming!

I definitely enjoyed today’s trek: the fatigue in the legs feels good now, it was a great sporting challenge and I’m looking forward to dinner later!