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Hanuman Tibba

-A mountain ascent that draws

Hanuman Tibba

Hanuman Tibba has been on our wish list for a long time and it took us almost 2 years to actually stand at its summit.

Hanuman Tibba

The summit (an overhang in the background)

It is not easy to lose sight of the highest mountain of the Dhauladhar mountain range (which separates the Kullu valley from the Chamba valley), because once you have spotted it, it is visible from almost all our treks and tours! It stands proudly with its yellowish shimmering rock top and differs in its splendor and dignity clearly from its neighbours.

Der Hanuman Tibba

The Hanuman Tibba

The summit is named after the Hindu monkey god, because of the yellowish-orange color, but also because of its mighty shape – a mountain that can truly bear the name of a god!

There are only two short periods of the year when the weather and climbing conditions are good enough to make an ascent, once in May/June, before the monsoon season, and in October, after the rain.

Der Gipfel

The summit

Then one can hope that it will clear up for a few days around the mountain, both to climb the summit safely and to enjoy the overwhelming view of the surrounding Himalayan mountains.

Blick vom Hanuman Tibba

View from Hanuman Tibba

The ascent itself has its challenges: On the kilometer-long moraines you have to balance from boulders to boulders, the snow can be so soft that you sink into it up to your hip, glacial crevices have to be crossed and there are some stony passages that you have to  overcome with crampons (!).

Mit Steigeisen und Eispickel über Eis, Schnee und Fels

With crampons and ice pickle over ice, snow and rock

On our seven-day expedition in our small team of three, we had many wonderful moments, enjoyed together the silence of the mountains and had the most beautiful views. But we also suffered… under the weight of our heavy backpacks…

Schweres Gepäck von 20-25 kg

Heavy luggage of 20-25 kg

.. among the long marches through waist-high snow and over stony rubble….

Über die Geröll-Moräne

About the Scree Morain

…in the cool nights, when we had to get out of the tent….

Im komfortablen Zelt

In the comfortable tent

But we have grown toegther and have gained strength, both physically and mentally.

Gipfel Tag

Summit Day

The morning sunrise on the day of the summit ascent, which dipped the surrounding mountain peaks into a golden light, was reward enough for the trouble of the days before and after.

Hanuman tibba

And when we finally reached the highest point of our expedition and actually stood on the summit of Hanuman Tibba, the summit that we were only allowed to observe from afar for so long, our joy was hardly limited. Because the outcome of an expedition is never certain. You can never say exactly, if the mountain allows you to walk in and you never know if it will let you go again. Weather, snow conditions, one’s own physical condition and abilities, as well as luck -all play together.

vom Gipfel Camp mit Blick auf dem Gipfel

from the summit camp with a view of the summit

We didn’t have an easy expedition. Often the situations on the mountain are much easier, with a lot of solid snow, which is easy to cross. But we showed great willpower and finally we were rewarded with a clear and sunny summit day – a perfect weather window, which we hardly dared to hope for so close to the monsoon season.

Ein klarere Morgen

A clearer morning

Now we are back happy and full of impressions in  safe Manali. The legs are still aching, the slight sunburn in our faces is still visible and we have lost some weight. But even if we are happy to have returned to this comfort zone, we are already mentally drawn to the next mountain with its adventure.

Unser Zelt

Our tent

Alpine Hauman Tibba Ascent:

(we were previously acclimatized and are all experienced climbers, otherwise the program would be significantly different)

Find the Chalo! Travels Hanuman Tibba Program here

Day 1 Manali (2000 meters) -Dhundi (2800 meters) by jeep, then trek to Lake Beaskund, our Base Camp (3700 m)

Trek zum Beaskund See

Trek to Lake Beaskund

Day 2 Beaskund – Camp 1 (4200 m)

Camp 1

Camp 1

Day 3 Camp 1- Thentu Pass (5100 m) – Camp 2 (4900 m)

Hoch Hinauf zum Thentu Pass

Up to Thentu Pass

Day 4 Camp 2 Summit Camp (5100 m)

Tee im Camp 2

Tea at Camp 2

Day 5 Summit Camp Summit (5932 m)- Summit Camp

Kurz vor dem Gipfel

Shortly before the summit

Day 6 Summit Camp – Camp 2

Camp 2

Camp 2

Day 7 Camp 2- Manali