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Three Weeks in India- Two Travel Itienerys

In der Wüste Tharr auf Kamelsafari

In the tharr desert on camel safari

Three weeks for a trip to India is not an insane amount of time, but at least a very good time frame to watch and experience as much of India as possible.

Of course, the trip must be well thought out and organized in advance. Only to start thinking about where it should go in India itself, perhaps a backpacker with months of travel time can afford. But with “only” 3 weeks time, the itinerary must be ready: transport, hotels and activities should be booked in advance. Especially in India, it is important that the transport is organized in advance, as trains are often booked out months before. It should also be considered to cover sections by plane. With 330000 km², India has the size of whole Western Europe, so the routes from one place to another can usually take several hours to several days. Night trips by bus and train make sense, as this leaves time during the day to visit places and during the night you travel to the next destination and even safe money for accomodation. A train ride is a travel experience that you shouldn’t miss in India anyway!

Eine Zugfahrt...

A train ride…

In the following, I would like to propose two itineraries. Travelling in India is very dependent on the seasons and it is simply unfavourable to be in the desert state of Rajasthan in the hot months of May and June or to travel to Goa during the monsoon season in August.

My first itinerary is best for the period from April to September. While it is rather hot or rainy in central and southern India, the mountain regions are ideal here.

Himalaya Chandratal

Itinerary 2 is better suited for the months from October to March.

The trips are a good mix of culture, activity and nature, so you get a comprehensive picture of India and at the same time an unforgettable travel experience!

Of course, the tours can also be combined, especially in the overlapping periods Of April/May and September/October.

Tour 1 North India with trekking tour in the Himalayas

Trekking Pause

Itinerary: Delhi- Manali- Trek- Daramshala- Amritsar- Delhi- Agra- Jodhpur-Kamel Safari-Yoga Ashram- Pushkar- Jaipur-Delhi

Why do I live in India? Among many other good reasons primarily because of the Himalayas! The fascinating Indian mountains invite you to incredible treks and bike tours for every level and especially the summer months are particularly suitable for this!

After arriving at the airport in Delhi, you should immediately head up to the north to experience a gentle entrance to the travel country of India in the beautiful mountain resort of Manali. A trek is ideal for getting to know nature and people and at the same time being physically active. Afterwards you can visit Daramshala, 250 km away. Here the Dalai Lama has his government in exile and everything is very Tibetan. In addition to small day hikes, yoga and cooking classes in Tibetan cuisine, a visit to the Tibetan Museum should be made. Then  continue to Amritsar to the Golden Temple of the Sikhs. Now it’s getting noticeably warmer.

Agra is overcrowded and strenuous, but the Taj Mahal should be visited. Then continue to the blue city of Jodhpur with one of the most beautiful forts, a colorful market and Rajasthanian atmosphere.



The following camel safari is fun and gives an insight into the hard desert life of the people. Now a few relaxing days in a yoga ashram with the possibility of Ayurvedic treatments. Here you get to know the ashram life from a very authentic side. Then you have enough energy to visit the small holy town of Pushkar and Jaipur. In addition to the palace and Amber Fort, it is worth taking part in a morning bike sightseeing tour to get to know the real Jaipur. Then  go back to Delhi and on to home.

Tour 2 North India and South India

Marari STrand

Marari Beach

Itinerary: Delhi(Agra)-Jaisalmer-Kamel Safari-Jodhpur-Udaipur-Mumbai-Hampi- Bangalore-Munnar-Thekkadey-Alleppey- Houseboat Tour- Marari Beach-Cochin

The winter months are generally better to travel to India, if you are not interested in the Indian mountains.

The temperatures are pleasant, the monsoon season is over and now especially central and southern India are well travelled. It is best to book a  flight with arrival in Delhi and departure from Cochin in Kerala. This saves you some travel time!

First I suggest a small Rajasthan tour with a camel safari in Jaisalmer. If you really want to, you can check out the Taj Mahal in Agra on a day tour. Afterwards I recommend my favorite yoga ashram near Jodhpur and on to Udaipur, arguably the most “romantic” city in India. Continue to Mumbai. You don’t have to spend more than 1-2 days here, but the British-influenced city on the Arabian Sea is worth it just to get to know another big city next to Delhi.

Goa I would skip, because Kerala has much nicer culture and athmosphere to offer. Instead, I suggest Hampi. A great area that is both scenic and culturally worthwhile. From here  continue via Bangalore to Kerala.

Trek durch die Teeplantagen Munnars

Trek through the tea plantations of Munnar

In Munnar, the tea plantations are a dream. Take a day walk through the green tea and spice plantations. In Thekkadey you can take a nice hike in the Perijar Nature Reserve and also have the chance to watch free-living elephants. Here would also be a good place to attend a South Indian cooking class. Afterwards travel to the backwaters to Allepey to either take part in a houseboat tour or to stay in one of the nice homestays with local families and from there take a canoe to explore the backwaters on your own.


Canoeing through the backwaters

The last station is Cochin. A small port town, with nice little cafes and nice shopping opportunities.

Both tours are highly recommended and depending on the time frame, further stations can be planned or the tours can of course also be shortened! Have a nice trip!