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The normal tourist visa for 1 or 5 years

Every tourist wishing to enter India must apply for a visa. This requires a passport that is still valid for at least 6 months, 2 passport photos (format 5 x 5, against a bright background, biometric), the fee and the printed and signed online Form.

The issue of Visas is handled differently from Country to Country. Sometimes you have to apply direct at the Indian embassy, but mostly this service is outsourced. Please inform yourself and be carefully, that you don’t end applying your Visa at an agency for extra money. Sometimes it is not so clear to see, which is the direct service provider and which is the agency.

Anyway, we generally recommend you to just apply online for an E-Visa. That is easier to apply for, takes less time and money and is more than enough for your purpose. More Information here.

The only reason to apply for this ” Sticker” Tourist Visa, is, if you plan to get a Visa for a longer duration than one or five years and plan to stay continuous up to 180 days in India.

Depending on your country you can apply for Tourist Visa from 1 to 10 years with multiple entries and a continuous stay  from 90 to 180 Days.