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Transportation- With Chalo! Travels on the go


Depending on the budget and time, we offer different transportation options. Often, several modes of transport are combined during our journeys. So a trip can consist of a Rajasthan round trip with a private driver, after that a train or flight is taken to cover a longer distance and sometimes the only option is to take the overnight bus, especially, if your trip goes up to the mountains.

In the following, we briefly explain the individual transport options.

In the car with a private driver

Unterwegs mit einem privatem Fahrer

This is the most luxurious and pleasant travel method, especially because you  have your own knowledgeable chauffeur along.  With your private driver you are very flexible, you have a local by your side and get into a deeper inter cultural exchange.

Innova 2-6 Sitzplätze

Innova 2-6 Seats

Depending on the size of the group and budget, we provide our guests with either a Toyota Innova (2-6 persons), a Maruti Suzuki (Alto) for 2-4 people or a Tempo Traveller (Force) for larger groups from 7 to 14 people. These vehicles can be air-conditioned, depending on the destination.

Tempo Traveller

Tempo Traveller

In the Himalayan region with poorly developed roads, we also often use Tata Sumo SUVs.

Tata Sumo für das Himalaya Gelände

Tata Sumo for the Himalayan Terrain

Travelling by Train

über Nacht im Zug

Travelling by train in India is an interesting experience and should be part of your trip in India. Especially longer distances are much more pleasant to spend in the sleeping compartment of a train than in a car.

We recommend that our guests take at least a short distance train ride during their stay in India. But we also would like to point out,  that even the upper class air-conditioned trains are still quite simple and that one or the other Traveller may not sleep that well.

But instead you will get to know the Indians’ most typical means of travel, get into a nice exchange with locals and have time to process your travel impressions as you  pass the Indian landscape.

With Chalo! Travels you will travel in an air-conditioned compartment with 2 or 3 sleeping beds on top of each other. There are fresh bed linen and blankets. There are two toilets at both ends of the train carriage. Employees of the train regularly come by with food and beverages.

Travelling by Bus

Volvo Bus von Delhi nach Manali

Volvo Bus from Delhi to Manali

Travelling on the bus is sometimes unavoidable and especially for our guests on a lower budget, the only option, when it goes high to the Himalayan regions of Daramshala, Manali or Leh.

Up to Daramshala and Manali we travel mostly  in an air-conditioned Volvo bus with rear-adjustable seats.  In southern India there are also the so-called Sleeper buses. These buses have instead of seats, proper loungers, single and double .

Travel by Plane

Einfach und schnell- Lange Strecken dürfen auch per Flug gemacht werden

Easy and Fast- Domestic Flights

India is a big country and if you want to see as much as possible of the diverse Subcontinent, you can’t avoid to cover some distances on the plane. The only alternative is the night train. Trains in India can often be booked out for months in advance, so you have to take a flight.

Whether the mode of transport will be the train or the flight depends again on the standard of your travel, budget, time and attitude towards environmental protection. There are now many different Indian airlines and flights are mostly cheap. Especially taking flights from Leh to Delhi, Delhi to Goa or Kerala make sense.

On the road with metro, taxis, car and bicycle rickshaws

Unterwegs mit der Rikscha- immer ein Spaß

Always fun- travel by Tuk Tuk

When we are travelling within the destinations itself or go from the hotel to the train station or airport and vice versa, we also take public transportation. Especially the use of the Metro can be very convenient. Going by rickshaw is uncomplicated and an experience at the same time. We use taxis as a means of transfer as well.