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Health Travel Preparations for India- About Vaccinations for a Trip to India

General health aspects for India

A trip to India is a unique experience and often becomes an unforgettable adventure.

In order to be able to enjoy the trip to the fullest during the stay in India and to be able to resonate positively after the trip, it is important to deal with your health in advance.

India is a tropical country and its humid and warm climate provides ideal conditions for the propagation of pathogens. Moreover, in fields such as hygiene and living standards, India is still lagging behind the European standard.. In addition, travel in the higher Himalayan regions has other risk factors such as altitude sickness.

Diseases in India can be avoided with the right preparation!

Cooperation with BCRT- The Berlin Center for Travel and Tropical Medicine

Chalo! Travels cooperates with BCRT so that our guests are well prepared for their trip to India! On request we issue vouchers for an individual travel medical information appointment at the center when booking a trip to India.

The Berlin Center for Travel and Tropical Medicine is a privately run tropical institute that offers medical advice and vaccinations before and after the trip and can also carry out altitude training.

Persecable comments on vaccinations for India

Vaccinations are not required to enter India. So if you are not a friend of vaccinations anyway and have decided to do a spontaneously  trip to India, you do not necesaarily have to do them

Nevertheless, India is a country where, due to a lack of hygiene measurments and the subtropical climatic conditions, are still common serious diseases  that have long since ceased to exist in our country.

The standard vaccination against polio, diphtheria and tetanus should have been conpleted and , if necessary, refreshed after 10 years.

A hepatitis A vaccination also makes sense.

The best way is to get advice from a medical tropical institute in advance of the India trip:).

With a country as large and diverse as India, it also depends on the area, the cause and time of the year you visit the country.

For example, when I went to India as a volunteer to work a slum in Delhi 7 years ago, I needed a different preparation, then someon, who comes only for a 2 weeks Kerala holiday.

Me, as someone living in India, is also get vaccinated against typhoid fever.

I live in India like a local. Sometimes it is simply unavoidable for me to drink unfiltered water or avoid contaminated water.

For me, a protection against typhoid makes sense, otherwise I recommend my guests during a shorter trip, to simply take care by avoiding unfiltered water, as well as raw foods that have come into contact with water. Especially since the typhoid vaccination does not offer a 100% protection anyway, one travels through India more safely and at the same time can also escape the annoying gastrointestinal diseases, by just following these simple rules.