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Human Hope Foundation in Shimla

I am very happy to have found Diwali 2019 a small non-profit organization in my Indian “hometown” Shimla.

The Human Hope Foundation consists of thirty supported school children, six girls with a scholarship, a handful of volunteers, five dedicated teachers and an impressive founder.

Vikram Kanwar founded the small NGO in 2014. The aim of the NGO is to provide children from the families of the disadvantaged sections of society with a good education in order to enable their future chances for a better life. The current 28 children between the ages of 5 and 16 come mainly from families who have moved in from the poor Indian states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan to do simple wage work here in Shimla.

Every day from 15:30 to 18:00, tutoring is given to the children so that they do not miss the connection at school, as their parents, who have never gone to school themselves, cannot help them, nor have the time to do so, or even the money to finance tutoring.

It starts with a fruit meal to fill the children’s bellies. Then begins teaching mathematics, English, Hindi, science and computer science.

As often as possible, there is also a small snack at the end of the lesson. “That’s how the kids are motivated to really come here,” Vikram said.

Another reason to get the children into this safe environment for the two to three hours in the afternoon is to get them away from street dangers, such as drugs, child labour, etc.

Workshops are held on weekends. Dance, music, chess and also a candle workshop have already taken place. Some of the candles were subsequently sold by the volunteers outside Diwali at stalls in Shimla.

I myself became aware of the NGO through my “bicycle” friend Gandharav. He himself studies medicine and conducts health checks of the children with his student colleagues.

Another project of the organization is to support especially talented girls in their education.

6 girls receive an annual scholarship, which sponsors tutoring, school uniform and school supplies.

How to help:

  1. Donate material and equipment. The NGO is happy about games, computers, tables, benches, books, wall panels, etc.
  2. Dresses for the children
  3. Money for the payment of teachers and professional staff, food, materials, children’s clothes, festivals .
  4. Volunteering: You travel through India, have a special ability and feel like sharing it with the children for a few days or weeks in Shimla. Plan your project and then we try to integrate it into our plans. We will help you with temporary accommodation in Shimla and logistics.
  5. Sponsorship for a schoolgirl: Cover the cost of a school year for a talented girl for €100 a year. This covers school fees, material costs and school uniform. As a thank you, you get letters and pictures of your protégé and you are welcome to write to her.