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Indian preparation: Nettle Vegetables

Affordable, easy to prepare, vegan and healthy!!!!

Nettles as an Indian main course

When I visited Ashok’s mountain village, I not only gained a lot of experience, but also came to know a delicious and easy recipe for preparing stingy nettles as vegetables!!

Recipe for 4 people


1 kg nettles

50 g rice

Salt to taste

20 g corn flour

1. The nettles must be collected! That’s probably the hardest part of the whole meal making! It is best to use gloves!!! Since the nettles coincide sharply when cooking, you should collect a lot!

Brennnesseln- Lecker und Gesund, aber schmerzhaft

Nettle- Delicious and healthy, but painful

2. Now the nettles must be sorted and washed. Aua 🙂

Meine Gastgeberin sortiert frisch gesammelte Brenneseln, die es zum Abendbrot gibt

My hostess sorts freshly collected nettles for dinner

3. Bring the complete plants including stem in water (approx.250 ml, not too much) to the boil along with the rice and then simmer it on a low flame for about half an hour. Always look into the pot and stir. Salt can be added after 10 minutes.

Brennnesseln mit Reis aufkochen

Bring nettles to the boil with rice

4. After 20 minutes, crush the nettles with the trowel to a porridge and add the corn flour. Stir again and again and bring to the boil again, done!

Mit der Kelle das Gemüse zerdrücken und immer wieder rühren

Use the trowel to crush the vegetables and stir again and again

The vegetables taste good with Indian bread, but can also be eaten with rice or like spinach with eggs and potatoes- german style :)!

indisches Brot- damit schmeckt es am besten!

Indian bread – that’s what tastes best!

Enjoy your meal!