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Theme series: Food in India

Leckeres traditionelles Essen

Delicious traditional food

In the following days I will publish various articles on the big topic “Food India”.

Especially during my last tours I noticed once again the important role of food during a trip, especially during a trip in India.

On the one hand, there is a lot of concern about what you can eat safely in India and what to better avoid. These thoughts are not without reason: in fact, one should take care when eating in India, especially because of the hygienic conditions.

On the other hand food plays always a big role of the overall travel experience.

Eine Keralische Mahlzeit auf dem Bananenblatt

A Keralan meal on the banana leaf

What many travelers also underestimate is the unusual combination of different spices. By this I mean not so much the hotness of the dishes, but much more spices that remind us of Christmas or the Orient: (cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, coriander, nutmeg…). Many like these spicy dishes, but others don’t. Some people can’t even tolerate it or even smell it and crave a slice of pizza!

Auch'nen Burger findet man in Indien!

You can also find burgers in India!

However, many of my guests have a lot of curiosity and courage when it comes to tasting the most unusual dishes! And if you like most, the culinary delights make up a large part of a successful trip to India!

The following articles will be published here  in the coming days:

1. What is eaten in India?

2. What is not safe to eat and drink in India

3. How to eat in India

4. Indian street snacks

5. Where to eat best in India