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Massages in India

After a long trek in the mountains or a mountain bike trip, the body can be tired and the muscles demand to be kneaded properly.

It is, of course, a happy coincidence that we are in India, the country of origin of Ayurveda and with millions of massage options.

Of course, it is not easy to find the right one and sometimes you can also have bad luck in India:

– ignorant masseurs

– cold rooms

– overpriced tariffs

and, and, and!

And especially with massages, a lot can be done wrong

I’m lucky and have my very personal massage wallah!

The 38-year-old Amrit comes to Manali every year for the summer sasion of Chandigarh with his wife and 4 children. Here he lives in a small hut in a slum and attracts every day with his oil vials through the tourist resort and offers his massage arts!

“Massage Wallah” Amrit

He learned his skill from his guru 18 years ago.

He doesn’t charge much for a massage. Often I pay him the equivalent of 1.50 Euro for half an hour of a back-neck massage!

His hands are strong, but the pressure is not painful but very pleasant. His hands literally play on the body and make soothing and knowing movements.

After one of his massages I am completely relaxed and my whole body feels supple and comfortable!

Amrit’s daily income can be very different. Sometimes they are less than 100 rupees, but if he is lucky, he earns up to 20 Euros a day. A good salary to be able to send his 4 children to school!