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Bollywood in India

To many of us, the kitschy and long Bollywood movies of the nineties with lots of dance, music and romance (but without kissing of course!) are known.

But Bollywood has changed a lot during the past 20-30 years and besides these typical and so-called “masala movies” (masala= Indian spices, meaning the movies are a mix of everything, a little bit love, a little bit fighting, some dancing and crying…), there are quite worth seeing movies  and Hollywood character. Bed and kiss scenes have long been introduced and more and more often political and socially critical topics are addressed in the films.

Just like in NH 10 (National Highway 10), which I watched last night in the cinema in Delhi. The problem of marriages between the various castes in the rural regions of Utthar Pradesh and Hariyana (poorer and rural states of northern India) was discussed in an entertaining and very authentic way.

Marriages between the different castes in the families are still not tolerated and often the newly floured couple is not only excluded but also killed by the families.

And that’s what the latest Bollyood film was about

The film itself made me very lenient and also frightened me, not only because of the many scenes of violence, but because the problem of the caste is still so ubiquitous.

I can only recommend anyone visiting India to watch a Bollywood movie. Whether typical Indian with a lot of dance and singing, or rather critical, no matter, in any case a visit to the cinema in India is part of the cultural program. In many cinema halls there is a good atmosphere: it is sung along, danced, clapped and booed!

Don’t worry about not understanding the Hindi movies. Details are lost, but the overall story is easy to understand.