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10 days of silence, meditating and gaining self-knowledge

The Tushita Introductory Course in Buddhism in Mcleod Ganj India

Meditation- SelbstTherapie

Meditation Self-Therapy

It was time. I felt like it was time to do something for myself and my inner world.

I regularly attend more or less intense yoga and meditation seminars and teacher training, or at least visit an ashram for a few days where I can refresh my insights and live my spirituality.

The ten-day Buddhist meditation course in Mcleod Ganj had been calling me for some time, but until now I had felt that I was not yet ready for such an intense form of meditation (after all, up to 6 hours a day is meditated).

But by chance (destiny?) my attention was drawn back to the course and I had the courage to register for the last course before the winter break.

Two days ago (November 28th) I completed the course and I have to say a lot has happened in the past 10 days, although, or just because of, I have mainly only remained silent and moved myself within a radius of 100 meters – with 100 other participants!

The Tushita meditation course is different from the much stricter Vipassana courses offered worldwide and should not be confused with it.

In principle, the course is a combination of meditation and teaching, in which one gains basic knowledge of Buddhist philosophy. In addition to karma yoga work and an hour-long group discussion, some stretching is also offered.

Otherwise, you spend most of your time with yourself – speaking is forbidden! That means a lot of reflection, a lot of writing and a lot of reading about Buddhist philosophy. Ah… and of course meditation!

The last two days are intense meditation days without lessons and with up to eight different guided meditations a day!

The course is not about becoming a Buddhist, but about being able to understand and apply the philosophy behind it in order to become a happier person for oneself and the benifit of others.

For this there is the theory teaching, which was led in my course by a nun.

This theory is then internalized through meditation in such a way that the mind is trained and one can discard false habits and perspectives.

I went into the course without much expectation and had been most worried about whether I could meditate for 10 days and remain silent without much movement. In the time before that, I had been very restless and looked for some inner peace, and I hoped to deepen my meditation practice and learn more about Buddhism.

All my expectations have been met, but so much more has happened!

The Buddhist philosophy (which is rather less religios) seems to me very conclusive and logical and could not only show me my problems, but also offer solutions to them!

But I don’t want to get too personal here, I’d rather focus on the course. In any case, a lot will happen with anyone who masters this course!

In addition to the actual course content, the Tushita course also has other challenges: there are 12 bed dormitories with shared bathrooms, there are three relatively simple (but very healthy and excellently prepared) meals, the Karma Yoga can also include work (in my case) like cleaning the toilet and for movement junkies like me, there is not much outlet.

But all these factors only helped me to develop further!

These 10 days were an incredibly intense time. The silence was incredibly helpful and for me, except for the first two days, really not difficult.

But I spend my days with myself ;).  I never felt the need for money, my smartphone or the internet. Oh, how much valuable time we steal ourselves with it!

So it is proven that you can be completely self-sufficient and only happy with yourself without needing anything from the outside.

One day, however, just before the end of the course, there were biscuits for tea in the afternoon. Oh, how good only this one biscuit had tasted! Such a taste explosion, I could taste each chocolate chip individually! How nice it is to learn to enjoy and value again!

I can only recommend this course to anyone who is looking for true inner satisfaction!

During the course, I was reminded of many people who accompanied me along my path so far, for which I all feel a lot of gratitude and great love! You have all accompanied me during this course! Thank you!

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