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Winter break in Manali

Blick aus meinem Fenster

View from my window

Every year I somehow manage to get into the first snow in Manali! Unlike last year, this year the snowfall was limited, so I don’t have to deal with days of power outages and frozen water pipes. But a few hours of snowing was enough to immerse Manali in a gentle white! A hot bath in Vaschisht is now of all things particularly pleasant, with the current coming and going at the moment.

In the winter season, people move closer together. During the day you meet in the Bazaar, you warm up in the sun and with a hot Chai, while in the evening you sit together in the only room with an oven. This so-called tandoor is not only used for heating, but is also used for cooking on it at the same time, how practical!

Well, I don’t have a tandoor, but pack myself into several blankets and many layers of clothing.

But in two days it’s anyway “Goodbye Manali” and I like the cold but quiet time here.

Life here is very, very quiet at the moment. Without internet, outdoor activities and tourists.

So I spend my time staying warm, going for walks, eating and standing in the sun with friends in the bazaar to drink chai.