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Happy Holi


Today is Holi, the festival of spring, friendship and joy. And our participants of the Ayurveda Yoga Retreat in Rajasthan had the special pleasure of being part of the celebrations!


The evening before Holi was still quite tranquil with a small fire and a football match in which even Guru ji participated. But the next day the fun had no limits! Together with the entire ashram family we threw colorful powder colors, splashed us with colored water and wished each other a “Happy Holi”!


No one was spared, so that in the end everyone shone in the most beautiful rainbow colors.

In the meantime, Holi is also celebrated all over the world and some of you will have participated in German sites.


Along with Diwali, Holi is the most famous and one of the most important Hindu festivals in India. The colourful and cheerful festival takes place on the last full moon in the Indian winter and thus marks the beginning of spring.

Legend has it, that the demonic king Hiranyakashyap was so selfish that everyone should just worship him. But his own son Prahlad became, to his great disappointment, a great follower of Vishnu. His own father tried several times to kill his son, but he was repeatedly protected by Vishnu. Finally, the demon king asked his own sister Holika, whom he knew was protected from the dangers of fire by a spell, to sit in a fire with Prahlad in her lap, so that he could burn. Unfortunately, Holika did not know that the protective spell only worked when she entered the fire alone. So she burned painfully, while Vishnu protected his follower and Prahlad escaped the fire without harming. So the name Holi derives from Holika and you celebrate the victory of good over evil.

Even today, fires are lit in many places on the eve of the actual Holi festival and a doll, which is supposed to symbolize Holika, is burned. At the end of the festival, families take the remaining ashes with them to keep their homes safe.

The main day of holis is celebrated with colours, which one throws to celebrate the arrival of spring, to ask for a good harvest and to celebrate the immortal love of Radha and Krishna. With the celebration, old enmities are removed from the way and the barriers between the castes soften. One greets one another with a “Happy Holi” and celebrates with colorful powder and water colors, throws  water balloons and enjoys plenty of sweets, a true joy!


Especially this day serves for the carefree celebration together with family and friends, without having a religious appeal.

Happy Hoi!