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Let’s Go (hindi:chalo)

   through India…

… by walk……. by bike… … or on the mat!

Discover India and Yourself!

Personalized Private Tours and Creative Group Trips with Local Guides


I am really grateful for Sarah’s great organization and can Chalo! Travel is highly recommended to experience an unforgettable time in India. Let’s go!

By Kev on Jul 12, 2014

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Discover India with Chalo! Travels, because…

… we organize  customized trips that are aimed on your individual wishes. Since we are at home in India ourselves, we plan the tours directly on site without intermediaries and can therefore offer you the best value. With us you will actively travel to India with a knowledgeable and fun Guide and get to know the country on a private trip or in small groups as authentically as possible and with personal contacts to the locals.

India's Regions

  • Himalayas

    The Indian part of the Himalayas is especially recommended for hikers, nature lovers and mountain bikers. Far away from civilization, you can wander [...]

    To the Himalayas-Trips

  • North India

    Travel through the states of Punjab to visit the Golden Temple, see some Royal Tigers and visit Kolkata in West Bengal. In Rishikesh and Varanasi you [...]

    To the North India-Trips

  • South India

    For South India we mainly offer mountain biking tours, adventure tours as well as yoga and Ayurveda holidays in Beach Resorts in Kerala and Goa. Wide [...]

    To the South India-Trips

Our Offer!

P1120114 Experience an adventure in your own group in India! Are you looking for an active holiday in the Himalayas and have friends, acquaintances and relatives who want to accompany you? Then you are very lucky! If you form a group of 8 or more participants and register for one of our trekking or mountain biking tours, you can participate free of charge.

Special No 2: Donations to India at the time of the Corona Pandemic

After I received the first donation report after a donation report 2.5 weeks ago, successful fundraiser for the hungry population in India I would like to keep you informed again.

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Famine in India

Call for emergency aid for people during the Corona crisis

Dear family, dear friends, dear Chalo travel guests and love Donor.

Thank you. I am overwhelmed, a bit emotional and can always not quite comprehend that, within the last nine days, we have 6817 € (55000 rs) Donations for the non-performing people in India. These people have been the curfew in India due to the Corona virus. and are now suffering famine without financial income and savings. They became indirect victims of Corona.

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